New delicious desserts coming soon…

New delicious desserts coming soon…

If you can’t get enough of our delicious desserts, or have tried them all and are craving some more, you don’t have long to wait!

Our crazy creative innovation chefs have been toiling away over their mixing bowls and melting pots to conjure up some delectable delights for your taste buds. There could be a fruity one, there could be a creamy one, there may be a crazy one and they’ll be in store soon for you to snap up, before someone else gets their hands on them.

Next up, our right royal addition will be hitting the shelves real soon…


A nostalgic eclair for a right royal celebration – majestically decadent, indulgently creamy and fit for a queen! 

The soft choux pastry is filled with luxurious strawberry crème pâtissière and cream, finished with regally rich chocolate fondant and queenly pink coloured lacing.

You can now shop in store or online to find these treats:

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